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Bhediya Hindi Movie Download 2023

Bhediya Movie Review

Finally Bhediya, India’s first ever horror comedy university has become the third film. It was released in the theater. If you talk about Bollywood, then yes it is new. Ever since I saw its teaser trailer, I wanted to seethis film as soon as possible.

And to tell the truth, Bhai Sahab did not disappoint in the movie because films of such genre are rarely made. Up to us here. Because it has the concept of Verwolf, then first of all it will be compared. I also did hollywood movies which are objectionable because this movie reminded me of a Hollywood film animal to a great extent and if you have seen an animal movie then I will not tell much.

Bollywood’s will remain. Love, songs, comedy are all Bollywood style stories of Bhaskar, which is from Delhi but he has come to Arunachal because of a project, in which one day Bhaskar is bitten by a wolf and he slowly starts transforming himself in the media, which we also saw in the trailer. But what is shown in the trailer? The story is the same, you will know after watching the film.

It has to be said that Varun Dhawan has tried his best to give the best of his career. In particular, you will love the scene of his man being converted from a wolf, which has been shown two or three times in the entire film, which we also saw in the trailer.

Comedy Part of Bhediya

The comedy of this film works to a great extent and especially Abhishek Banerjee has put the entire responsibility of comedy on his shoulders and he also lived up to it. And give them full support. Deepak Dobriyal is a true actor hidden behind the innocent face of these two.

I did not see any element like horror in this film. Yes, it can be called a thriller comedy because the thrill remains from the beginning to the end, there is a twist in the last 30 minutes of the movie. Was
predictable. What if you’re smart? to be

And Bhai Sahab has received the most applause. In its ending scene, you can actually say that mid credit scene in which there are two cameos, which will also make your heart happy. Don’t get up as soon as the movie ends.


One thing I noticed is that even if you do not watch the film 3D, it will work because anyway 90% of the film is in the dark and if you wear black glasses from above, the screen will become even darker. So 2D is good option.

Background Music in Bhediya Movie

The background music of the film is its plus point. Even its songs will not bore you. The film has been shot in a place where the cilic beauty looks even more beautiful on the big screen and its visuals enhance that beauty. I found the trailer to be perfect.


By the way, this film completes entertainment, but also gives a couple of social messages which were actually important and the best thing about this film is that There is a love story in it, but it has not been forcibly drawn in any way, as much as it was required, so that the main topic of this film does not deviate.


Overall, because this film is part of a comedy horror universe, then in the future, the wolf character will also be shown in the upcoming films and if you watch the movie from I Must, then the entertainment will be confirmed.

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Movie Namebhediya usa ott
Size450MB | 1.2GB | 3.5GB
Quality480p | 720p | 1080p
Runtime2 hours 36 minutes
RatingIMDB 7.3/10
cast of bhediyaVarun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee
GenresComedy, Horror, Thriller

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