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Interstellar has the potential to sweep the audience along as an imaginative yarn, to spin an emotional web that will leave some rapturous. Others may take umbrage with the film’s problematic logical throughline and narrative disconnect.

I find myself drifting between those perspectives. The film has been shrouded in secrecy, so all we’ll say about the plot is that Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a man facing an extinction-level crisis who must journey to the far reaches of space to save his family and humanity at large.

At its core, interstellar is a quintessentially Christopher Nolan film. It’s gorgeous. There can be no doubt that Nolan is, in many ways, a technical genius with an admirable emphasis on practical effects.

There’s a thrilling, visceral sense to the created universe. There are also some heavy notions of time that the film plays with, mostly based on scientific theory. It’ll be fairly easy to pull the thread that unravels the science, but if you give over to suspension of disbelief, Interstellar has moments that will leave you breathless. However, some viewers may be forced to disembark during what is, in many ways, a clunky final act.

The interstellar story is peppered with logical breaks, but they’re, for the most part, in a bowl. Well, it may be grounded in rich visual detail. It’s still a science fiction film and much of the story will venture into the realm of pure imagination, the magical wood. However, the climax is where the film decides to consciously divorce itself from its logic.

It’s not so much that interstellar structures are understanding space and time. It’s that it introduces its own set of parameters only to them break or the very least, model them, leaving the audience wondering how one plus two ended up equaling C. In addition, human behavior, meaning the characters’ decisions, conclusions, and reactions to events, often defy logic. Another question arises when thinking about this film.

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Is analysis more critical because this is Nolan, or is it far more excused for the same reason? Script issues aside, the scope and scale of the undertaking both are tactically and in terms of the story cannot be denied.

The film is perfectly cast, the performances are strong, and the character’s fear and sense of awe, a palpable. One thing that may surprise audiences is that Interstellar is often quite funny. One of Nolan’s greatest gifts as a filmmaker is that he can reach a mass audience while playing with big ideas.

Openly borrowing from 2001, close encounters, and other films of that era, interstellar has a hook that’s easy for Hollywood and moviegoers alike to get behind. It’s a story about one family during an intergalactic drama.

As the filmmaker intended, this is an experience that one can only truly have in the theater itself and is worth having. Interstellar is an entertaining, occasionally wonky, mostly emotionally effective science fiction tale that is as visually spectacular as an audience would hope for, expect, and demand from the director. Though as mentioned, Interstellar also has all the makings to become a highly divisive film.

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RatingIMDB  8.6/10
CastMatthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
GenresAdventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

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