John Wick Chapter 4 Download 2023

John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie

John Wick Chapter 4 Download 2023

John Wick Chapter 4 Full Movie Review

There is only one man behind the John Wick franchise becoming such a hit that Anu Reeves has no answer for his action scenes and acting. In this movie, you will get to see many times more strong action sequences than you would have seen in the first, second or third part. However, we give full credit for this to the actor only. But half the credit should go to the one who choreographed all the action sequences in this film series.

Talking about Chapter Four, there are almost similarities of the story with the rest of the three parts. Some won’t even talk about the story much except for one change, because if we talk about the story specifically about this film, then it would be equivalent to talking about spoilers.

New Characters in John Wick Chapter 4

Some new characters have been introduced, one of whom is Ken, who is a similar character as John. He is an old friend, but brother, this is definitely a new avatar of Daredevil, because for this also you will have to watch the movie, right?

Now see, ever since Chapter One of John Week has come, since then till today John Week’s suit is also in the market and if you go to buy the same suit online, then they are very expensive.

First Half Of The Film

The first half of the film is completely filled with fight sequences. Even the buildup of the story is also done well and you will not even know when the interval has come. By the way, there is no interval in Hollywood movies. It is forced in India, but my complaint will be with the second half as it has added a bit of drama.

However, seeing the half-an-hour non-stop action shown in the last i.e. a little before the climax scene, everyone would say. This was needed because ultimately people like its action more than the story of this film series.

Action Sequence in John Wick Chapter 4

In that too, an uncut, action sequence of almost 5 minutes continuously. There is also, in which you will not see literally any editing cut. Then we feel the way they have been ended. that then. Well this series is over here but wait till I mean the film is over, watch till the last and there is also a credits scene which might give you a hint either of John Wick’s fifth captor or any spin off character from this series.

Look at the rest, everyone knows in the movie that action is going to be action, so it is there and you get to enjoy it to the fullest. But still, we can’t ignore Lu Khol or such things which will literally make you question whether Bollywood or South do the same thing? So the first question that came to my mind was, why doesn’t this man die? Is there any super power that how many bullets are fired or why a person should not fall directly on the ground from 50 feet? Death is far away, not even a single bone gets fractured.

From above, he does such an intense action that too for half an hour he has to run, run, jump, fall. But still this person gets tired. Not there. Hero or super hero, if he is traveling from one station to another, isn’t his checking etc. done? Because these people are roaming freely with guns, firing is going on in front of the general public in heavy traffic

And why is not a single police visible there? How did a blind man see the numbers on a card? A crowd of thousands is fighting in the pub and blood is being spilled and that crowd is not bothered at all. They are dancing comfortably and want to kill John Wick, so why didn’t the brothers keep hitting directly on the skull? The story is over.

But but but brother, it is such a great Hollywood film, who pays attention to such things? Anyway, there is a lot of bloodshed in the film, but there is no street or intimate scene of any kind at all, which makes this whole series a safe to watch family film.

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Movie NameJohn Wick Chapter 4
LanguageDual Audio (Hindi-English)
Quality480p | 720p | 1080p | 2160p
Size480MB | 1.3GB | 2.8GB | 6GB
Runtime2 hours 49 minutes
RatingIMDB  8.6/10
CastKeanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, George Georgiou
GenresAction, Crime, Thriller

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