MEG 2 The Trench Movie Download In Hindi 2023 


MEG 2 The Trench Movie Download In Hindi 2023 

MEG 2: The Trench Movie Review

Ok, brothers, it is not only Bollywood that is releasing this sequel of its movies. Like Gadar to You Know Me God to Hollywood has also come up with the second part of its 2018 success full movie Megh. In theaters in English as well as Hindi, Main Tu The Trench Kaisi Hai Aaiye Baat Karte Hain.

Trench Meaning

First of all know the meaning of Trench, So Trench means such deep trenches, which are made or built inside the ground and here Trench means such a place 25,000 meters below the sea which is different from the normal sea world and whatever is going on in the first half He’s walking down 25,000 meters. 25,000 meters means 25 kilometers.

Jo Yeh Movie Hain Magat Uthe Trench After watching the full movie, to be honest, whatever text was shown in the trailer, I did not like it much. Seriously, if you watch its first part, it will be comparatively better.

Yes, apart from Meg 2, some new creatures have also been shown in it and on. In the movie Speaking Megh, Megh has not been given much importance. Bhai I mean this movie becomes a human survival movie with more focus on humans. Survival point of why? But you will not get much in the name of story in this film. No story only action?

Action Creatures in MEG 2

Most people will probably go see it anyway just for the sequences with its action creatures, because that’s what’s happening, to begin with. Why are those people going into the water? Brother, what is the need to make so much fuss inside? But not in such a way that the public gets carried away by it.

What is particular in this film, isn’t it that if the public wants action then it will get action. The public wants different creatures with which tension is filled while fighting. If the atmosphere is created then that too will be achieved. If the public wants bloodshed then yes they will get that too and on top of that it is a film of less than 2 hours then the time will not be known. Keeping the story aside, Jason who is the lead actor of this film, you will enjoy a lot whenever he and Shark come on screen.

Action Scenes in MEG 2

Action scenes have been made very amazing, can only speak well to the department of VFX and CJI. Looks natural. All these actors have also done a very good job but till now you have done a lot of work. Shark related movies. Will it happen? This film is like that, I mean that shark is a little big, it is dangerous, it has to be killed, people have to be saved.

Just don’t go into something thinking that you will find something out of the box in it. But why from the entertainment point of view? It is also family friendly, there is profanity in English but it is muted and there is no vulgar scene etc.

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MEG 2 The Trench Movie Trailer

MEG 2: The Trench Detail

Movie Name – Meg 2 – The Trench 2023
Release Date – 4 August 2023 (India)
Language – Hindi – English
Subtitles – English
Size – 500MB | 1.3GB | 3.6GB | 8GB
Quality – 480p | 720p | 1080p | 1440p | 2160p
Runtime – 1 Hours 56 Minutes
Format – MKV, MP4
IMDB Rating –  NA
Starcast – Jason Statham, Wu Jing, Sophia Cai, Page Kennedy, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Skyler Samuels, Cliff Curtis
Genres – Action, Adventure

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